Clutching the Butterfly Shawl

Script reading of Clutching the butterfly shawl

Clutching the butterfly shawl

A mystery of loss, illusion and redemption in the Jenolan Caves

Daniel: We’re not giving morphine.
Paul: Are there allergies, or a religious…?
Daniel: No, the kid’s a firewalker. He’s going to will away the pain with his mind.

A 30-minute short film to be directed by internationally award-winning director Heng Tang.

Jeremy’s Cybele Makeover

Jeremy's Cybele Makeover

Jeremy’s Cybele Makeover

There is a problem with Council’s new sculpture – will the artist compromise her integrity?

Beauracrat: The committee thinks the taller figure looks uncannily like the Mayor.
Artist: It’s a sculpture of the fertility goddess Cybele heralding Spring!
Mayor: Apparently I have quite feminine features.

Shortlisted and performed in the Short & Sweet 10-minute Play Festival (2012 & 2008) and reviewed Joanna Erskine on the Australian Theatre website as ‘a highly original, rare gem of a play…a wonderful little play with a gratifying ending’.

Jumping Through Hoops

Kate has everything – education, privilege, support. So why is it so hard to find a job?

We might not be efficient at your friendly DSS
The queues might go for miles and your files could be a mess
We might stuff up the system so you might not get your pay

But – we guarantee – if we think you might be cheating then we’ll cut you straight away!

Winner of the 1997 St Martins Youth Theatre Young Playwrights Awards and profiled in the Australian Script Centre’s ‘Top 30 Plays’ Handbook as a ‘tightly constructed comedy with real laughs’ (2000). Performed by St Martins Youth Theatre (1999), the Australian Centre of Performing Arts (2004) and the Mt Nebo Youth Theatre Company (Brisbane 2001).

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