G Luck Productions is an independent film, theatre and literary production company managed by award-winning writer/producer Georgina Luck and experienced filmmaker Angelo Salamanca. Our current/recent short film projects include:

  • In development: ‘NightMayor: The Trials of Jeremy’ web series (6 x 7-minute episodes), written by Georgina Luck and co-directed by Georgina Luck & Kate Whitbread. The bohemians are revolting!
  • In development: ‘Broken Boat’ (7 mins), written by Maryam Babaali & Angelo Salamanca and directed by Angelo Salamanca. Poetry forged by fire / On a boat to somewhere new.
  • 2018: ‘The Last Babushka Doll’ (15 mins), written/produced by Georgina Luck and directed by Angelo Salamanca – starring Anne-Louise Lambert, Don Bridges, Chris Gabardi, Keiran King, Tiriel Mora, Joanne Samuel and Andie Isalie. When is it time to end a loved one’s suffering? Screened at the St Kilda, Byron Bay (Best Short Film nominee), San Jose and Yonkers New York International Film Festivals, as well as the Setting Sun & Lorne Film Festivals.
  • 2018: ‘Jeremy’s Cybele Makeover’ (7 mins), written and directed by Georgina Luck – starring Drew Tingwell, Debra Lawrance, Don Bridges and Belinda Kirwan. All will be revealed.

Georgina Luck Biography

Georgina Luck’s scripts have won or been shortlisted in several awards. Her first short film as writer/producer was screened at the St Kilda, Byron Bay, San Jose and Yonkers New York International Film Festivals, as well as the Setting Sun and Lorne Film Festivals – including a nomination for Best Short Film at Byron Bay. Georgina’s short stories have been published in numerous literary journals including Griffith REVIEW, Southerly, Overland, Etchings and numerous anthologies. She received the 2009 Griffith REVIEW/Text Publishing Emerging Writers Award-Fiction and has been commended in various national competitions.

Angelo Salamanca Biography

Angelo has been active in film and video production for over 20 years with experience in directing, screenwriting, casting and script assessment. He has directed three feature films and four short films, screened at various national and international film festivals. Angelo served on the Melbourne International Film Festival pre-selection panel for 11 years and has judged scripts for the Australian Film Institute, Australian Writers Guild and Fellowship of Australian Writers. A more comprehensive biography may be viewed at:



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